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Opinion: Supports Van Werven and Sefzik for 42nd district state house representatives

There are no personal freedoms when we are unsafe. So-called “liberties” mean nothing if we live in fear.

We covet the freedom to worship, think, and speak our minds. We need the freedom to love and be with the people we care for. We value the freedom to work safely and run our businesses. We guard the freedom to raise and educate our children as we see fit. We cherish the freedom to take a chance, start a company, experience something new here in beautiful Whatcom County.

But we are concerned about a dogma emerging that we don’t need police, that violent riots (as opposed to peaceful assemblies) are okay, that police departments should be “defunded,” and that “All Cops Are B – – – – – -.”

That is why we support two candidates for the 42nd District who consistently stand against such foolishness and understand that without law, order, and justice we cannot be free.

We support both Luanne VanWerven and Jennifer Sefzik, both of whom have the backs of both local law enforcement and every citizen—regardless of political party, religious views, culture or race.

Join us in voting for two smart, dedicated, and highly-committed women: Jennifer Sefzik and Luanne VanWervan.

Jon and Diane Mutchler

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