Lummi Island ferry dry dock begins Thursday

whatcom chief lummi island ferry
Whatcom Chief making the crossing from Gooseberry Point to Lummi Island (July 24, 2015). Photo: Discover Ferndale

People looking to travel to or from Lummi Island over the next few weeks should note the vehicle ferry, Whatcom Chief, will be in dry dock beginning tomorrow and continuing until late September.

The annual visit to the dry dock will begin Thursday, September 6th. According to the current schedule, the Whatcom Chief is due to return to its regular service Thursday, September 27th. This date is tentative, being dependent on the scale of repairs and work required both in the shipyard and at the docks. Further confirmation of the return to service date will issued as dry dock progresses.

During the time the ferry is out of service, it will be replaced by a passenger-only ferry (bicycles are allowed too) combined with shuttle van service on the island.

The Whatcom Chief’s last crossing for vehicles on Wednesday, September 5th, will be the 7:50pm run from Lummi Island and the 8pm run from Gooseberry Point.

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