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Main Street barbershop moves to Vista Drive location

Local barber Ken Craver opened this morning at his new location on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Vista Drive.

According to Craver, Ye Old Barber Shop’s recently remodeled new location at 5700 3rd Avenue will provide more elbow room and parking. The new location also sports a barber chair especially for kids.

Craver says he is the one doing the haircuts and his hours are Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10am to 7pm.

Walk-ins are welcome and appointments can be made ahead of time online.

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ye old barber new location opens -exterior 2017-10-04
Ye Old Barber’s new location at 5700 3rd Avenue (October 4, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

10/9/17 Story was updated to correct the spelling of Craver’s name.


  1. Ken Ken October 9, 2017

    This is Ken Craver I am the owner of YeOld Barber
    Thank you for the article in discover Ferndale however I would like to know who asked you to run this article because the information is extremely misleading we had no intentions of closing our Main Street location because we were open 7 days a week with two Barbers On full-time at full capacity and no scheduling available I’ve expanded to a place with more Elbow Room but however have not moved.
    I’m also very proud of my name it’s not Kramer like the TV show it’s Craver Craver I am Pennsylvania Dutch a descendant of the Mayflower Compact and I’m very proud of my lineage.
    May I suggest that you do an interview with me so that we can make sure we get the details correct for our community my home phone number is area code 360-715-0602 thank you oh yeah and by the way there’s some great pictures I really do appreciate it and I do appreciate the Discover Ferndale thank you for all of you what you do.
    but I am curious as to who called you out there and what was said

    • Discover Ferndale Discover Ferndale October 9, 2017

      Apologies for the unfortunate misspelling. That has been corrected.

      As for the reference to the business moving, that is the result of the sign on the door of the Main Street location and our conversation the day you opened the new location. The sign informed customers to go around the corner to get service and included the statement “We Have Moved!” When I was at your new location with you, I asked if you had moved and you said you had. These things combined with your online appointment service no longer referencing the Main Street location and the graphic below you shared on social media made it appear rather conclusive you had moved.

      Ye Old Barber graphic WE HAVE MOVED

      As for who had asked for the article to be published, no one asked. It was done as all Discover Ferndale articles are, when determined to be of interest and/or value to the community.

  2. Ken Ken December 8, 2017

    Thank you ! Discover Ferndale
    Thank you for the artical 12/4/17l We have been lockedout of our previous location so we are now only on 3rd av.
    Our better location is family frendly ,easy parking, walkin only
    We look forward to serving Ferndale Wa.

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