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Maggie's Pub storefront (October 10, 2015). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Main Street taphouse announces an August closing

Two businesses in the same building on the 2000 block of Main Street have cited rent increases as a primary motivator to move out or, in this most recent case, to close the business.

Maggie’s Pub Owner Maggie Gamel issued a press release explaining her plans to close her business in August.

I am saddened to inform you that Maggie’s Pub will be closing its doors next month. Our last day will be Saturday, August 12th. I recently received notice of a substantial increase in our rent. Unfortunately, this left us with two options; either move or close. 

I am unable start over in a new location at this time. I am so disappointed to leave Ferndale without a craft-beer focused establishment. Hopefully someone will open a new craft-beer joint here soon!

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Thank you SO much for supporting Maggie’s Pub the last 5 years! It has been an honor to be a part of the local beer scene for so long. It’s such a friendly community to be a part of! It’s amazing how much it’s grown since I started.

It’s been such a fun 5 years serving the town of Ferndale. I would really love to see everyone at least once more before we close. Please stop by and visit us sometime in the next 3 weeks!

Maggie’s Pub celebrated its 5th anniversary at the 2030 Main Street location earlier this year.

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Earlier this month, Tobacco Joe’s, located next-door at 2032 Main Street, said a rent increase made it necessary to find a new location. The other business in the same building is Curry House Restaurant.

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