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Good Samaritan, Stone (in white on the right), shakes hands with a bystander after retrieving a dog from a frozen pond in VanderYacht Park (February 10, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Man rescues dog from frozen pond at VanderYacht Park

A trip to VanderYacht Park to walk the park trails in the momentary sun this afternoon while listening to music became far more involved today for a local man.

Stone, as he identified himself, could see the dog had made its way onto the inches-thick ice across the pond in the middle of the park. Stone explained he couldn’t hear the owner’s screams for help since he was wearing headphones but realized the dog had fallen in and did not look like it was going to get out on its own.

With the dog’s owner frantically looking on, Stone waded into the pond breaking a trail in the ice until finally reaching the dog. The scared pooch gnawed on Stone’s hand as he brought it back to the shore and its grateful owner.

A Ferndale Police officer arrived and treated Stone for the bite injuries on his hand while the dog owner tried to round up her skittish and shivering dog.

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Stone brushed off bystanders’ recognition of his gallant efforts as “no big deal.”

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