Mandatory watering restrictions to be discussed Monday by Ferndale City Council

workers drill COF's 3rd water well in the PW shop yard 2017-04-04
Workers drill a new City of Ferndale water well to a depth of 1000-feet in the Public Works shop yard (April 4th, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Citing, “the level of withdraw from the City’s well systems is in danger of exceeding capacity to supply water,” a special meeting of the Ferndale City Council has been scheduled for Monday at 5pm to discuss a resolution to adopt a mandatory outdoor watering and irrigation schedule for City of Ferndale water system customers.

For years, the City has been promoting a voluntary watering schedule as part of their membership in the Whatcom Water Alliance (WWA) along with other Whatcom County cities which have done the same. In the proposed resolution, the voluntary schedule is noted as have been “ineffective in reducing water consumption.”

The title of the proposed resolution refers to “mandatory water conversation measures,” but no means of enforcement are included in the resolution.


The special meeting is scheduled for 5pm on Monday, July 30th, at Ferndale City Hall, 2095 Main Street (this location is not at the Council Chambers on 2nd Avenue where regular City Council meetings are held).

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