UPDATED: Marine rescue dispatched for kayaker in distress near Sandy Point

WCFD17 MARINE 56 put into service 2018-04-25 photo wcfd17
Whatcom County Fire District 17 "MARINE 56" unit put into service (April 25, 2018). Photo courtesy of WCFD17

Whatcom County Fire District 17 and Coast Guard crews were notified after a kayaker called 911 to say they were in distress about 9pm tonight.

According to radio dispatches to Fire District 17 crews, the kayaker provided coordinates for their location west of Sandy Point and said they were being pushed away from the shore as darkness had fallen.

Marine Rescue 56 headed out of the Sandy Point Marina to locate the kayaker.

WCFD17 Fire Chief Jim Petrie said they were able to use GPS coordinates provided by the kayaker to locate him between Sandy Point and Matia Island. Coast Guard crews arrived at the same time as Marine Rescue 56 and transported him and his kayak to Bellingham. He was not injured.

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Chief Petrie said the kayaker simply found themselves struggling against strong tides.

This is the 5th time the recently commissioned Marine Rescue 56 craft had been called into duty and it’s first nighttime call.

This story was updated with information from Chief Petrie at 10:40pm

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