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Ferndale City Council meeting (September 19, 2016). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Mayor’s salary, Portal Way roundabout and more on tonight’s city council agenda

Included on tonight’s published Ferndale City Council meeting agenda are the following items:

1. Council will consider changing the way the mayor’s salary is calculated. The current method would result in reducing the salary next year but that would be in violation of the Washington State constitution1, a scenario not expected when the current method was established in 2014. A recommendation to tie the mayor’s salary to a consumer price index (CPI) as is done for councilmembers’ salaries was made and will be debated.

2. In the consent agenda (several items that council committees recommend being approved without discussion) is an ordinance to reduce the speed limit on Portal Way between Brown Road and Enterprise Road from 45mph to 25mph. This is due to the deteriorated road surface. The good news is a project to replace the road surface in that area is scheduled for next year.

3. Also in the consent agenda is authorization of an approximately $50,000 engineering contract to prepare plans, specifications and estimates to construct a compact roundabout (such as were built at the Slater Road I-5 interchange) on Portal Way at the northbound I-5 on- and off-ramps.

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4. Council will consider purchasing the house next to the vacant lot (which the City purchased) on the northeast corner of Washington Street and Vista Drive. City staff is recommending purchasing the house and property to make room for building a roundabout at the intersection. If purchased, the house may be able to the rented or leased until time comes to build the roundabout.

The Ferndale City Council meeting will be held at 6pm in council chambers at 5694 2nd Avenue. A budget workshop for city councilmembers will be held at 5pm.

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The salary of any county, city, town, or municipal officers shall not be increased except as provided in section 1 of Article XXX or diminished after his election, or during his term of office

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