Mechanical problems & a train delay means some students will be home late

ferndale school district bus 2017-03-08
Ferndale School District bus (March 8, 2017). Photo: My Ferndale News

Ferndale School District officials put out an alert this afternoon notifying that some students may be getting from their schools to their destinations a little later than expected due to 1) a mechanical breakdown of one of the District school buses and 2) another bus having been stuck for over 20 minutes at a train crossing.

The school bus on Bus Route 46 broke down along Birch Bay-Lynden Road with 21 students aboard. Officials say a replacement school bus was immediately dispatched along with a mechanic to deal with the disabled bus.

The school bus on Bus Route 32 was reported to have been waiting for a train to pass at the Grandview Road crossing for 30 minutes. Students on this bus will be delayed but will be dropped off at regular bus stops per usual.

District officials have sent out automated telephone messages via their “all-call” system to parents and guardians of students on the impacted bus routes letting them know their students will be arriving late.

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There were no injuries reported as a result of the bus breakdown, District officials said.


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