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June 15, 2019 | 6:40pm
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Send news tips/photos

MFN issues call for community news writers – this means you

My Ferndale News (MFN) was recently renamed to reflect its presence in Ferndale as the community’s news source and the community has been helpful in providing news tips, photos and videos. For instance , during a November 2018 minor flooding event, this video was sent in by reader, Bruce Mooney.

Nooksack River at about the 18-foot mark (November 27, 2018). Video: Bruce Mooney

There are many opportunities to be a contributor to MFN beyond submitting news tips, photos and videos and events. Recent examples include a story about new fishing rule changes and coverage of a community meeting that were both provided by contributors.

Community members are invited to contribute original stories to share with the community via MFN. Examples include stories about business happenings, politics and schools. Non-fiction retrospectives on historical events, growing up and running businesses in the Ferndale area would also likely be published.

soccer fest at phillips 66 soccer park 2018-07-13
2018 Soccer Fest at Phillips 66 Soccer Park (July 13, 2018). Photo: My Ferndale News

Youth and adult sports are ripe for community contributions. Sports are time-consuming to cover but, if parents and coaches who are already attending events provided final scores and brief game highlights, greater community interest and participation would likely result. Click here for an example of how one assistant coach brought an east coast youth world series tournament home for the Ferndale community to rally around.

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Anyone can submit a story. Contributions can be spontaneous or, with prior approval, regularly reoccurring. If a story looks like it will take some time and effort, it may be best to get the story idea pre-approved before making the investment since not all stories submitted are guaranteed to be published.

Credit will happily be given to contributors in the form of a story byline and accompanying brief “about the author” feature that appears on the same page as the story.

Do you have ideas for a story or series you would like to write and submit to My Ferndale News for publication? We want to hear about them. It has even been proposed to create a group of contributors who would meet to discuss story ideas and encourage each other. We would be happy to assist with that. Let us know if you would like to be part of such a group.

We do not want people inserting themselves into emergency response situations such as law enforcement activities, vehicle crashes or fires. Do not try to get first responders to tell you “what’s going on.” We do not want people taking pictures or recording video while driving. We do not want people going onto private property (that includes public school properties) without having received permission first. 

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Would you like to write for My Ferndale News? We are always accepting guest posts from the community and are looking for new contributors. Get in touch with us and let's discuss your ideas.

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