Michael Cox – Ferndale City Council Pos. 1


Mike Cox. Photo courtesy of Mike Cox.
Michael Cox. Photo courtesy of Michael Cox.

Candidate’s submitted biography (unedited):

My name is Michael Cox.  I moved to Ferndale in 2002 with my work as a U.S. Border Patrol agent and am now retired after a 23 year career.  During my career, I served as President of our Union where I worked directly with the United States Congress to get important legislation passed.  I also served as Secretary/Treasurer where I prepared annual budgets.  I believe this experience will transition well with city council work.  Also, I am currently starting up a small business in Ferndale.   

Our family is very active in the Ferndale community.  My wife is a Special Education teacher in the Ferndale School District and we are raising three kids who attend Ferndale schools.  I have coached youth sports in Ferndale for 10 years and I am currently a referee for Middle and High School Football and Basketball games. 

I decided to run for City Council after attending a meeting where I learned our City gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars to FORCE artificial growth downtown.  Because of my own real estate experience and education, I was compelled to run for office.  It seems that some savvy business men have buffaloed an unwitting Mayor and some Council members into a whole sale giveaway of our City.  We’ve seen cities concede their land and resources to multimillionaires before (Trump vs. NYC circa 1980s) in the hopes of prosperity during a recession.  Never have I seen a city concede land and resources during an economic and population expansion.  I believe supply and demand will grow Ferndale naturally.  Bellingham is soon to be built out and Ferndale is next to experience the population growth.  This will happen without bribing wealthy people who tell you they can make it happen sooner than later.     

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