Mike Murphy – WCFD7 Commissioner Position 3


Mike Murphy. Photo courtesy of Mike Murphy.
Mike Murphy. Photo courtesy of Mike Murphy.

Candidate’s submitted biography (unedited):

Life time resident to Whatcom County, married 46 years with now four adult children, 9 grandchildren and next year are first great grandchild. I have been involved with the fire district for 34 years as a volunteer firefighter, EMT, Training instructor and a member of the support division.

I have served as a commissioner for the past few years and want to continue too.

My focus has been to provide are team of professionals the training and equipment needed to enable them to be successful as firefighters, EMTs , paramedics plus support are staff and management.

The strategic planning, budget and regulations are complex and I continue to look for ways to provide a service that make you proud of are community fire district.

I am proud that I have been endorsed by Whatcom 7 Firefighters.

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