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Wilson engineering representatives speaking about wastewater treatment plant design at a Ferndale City Council meeting (July 17, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

What you missed at tonight’s City Council meeting

An earlier story forewarned of what could be a long meeting even with a short agenda. That prognostication could not have been more wrong.

In only 45 minutes, nearly a record for shortest City Council meetings, the following was dealt with:

Public Works Capital Projects Supervisor Katy Radder brought the council up-to-date on projects complete, underway and planned. Notable was the Portal Way resurfacing project appears to be coming in under budget and the 3rd Avenue project may continue through mid or late September (weather dependent).

Wilson Engineering representatives gave a presentation explaining the different wastewater treatment technologies and their associated costs. The alternative chosen for the Ferndale treatment plant’s upgrade showed as the least cost to construct and to operate and maintain.

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A representative from Wilson Engineering pointed out that the cost figures in the presentation were 6 months old and the $17 million cost figure for the lowest cost option was now about $21 million (~20% increase).

There was only one person who chose to speak during the public comment period regarding the treatment plant design and her questions were mostly seeking clarification about technical issues but also included asking how far away is the closest plant using the same design (answer: Moses Lake).

The public hearing remains open for 2 weeks while written comment is accepted by the city.

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Public Works Director Kevin Renz asked for and received by unanimous vote a budget amendment to enable replenishing wood chips at the 3 city parks that use wood chips as a means to cushion the ground around playgrounds.

The meeting adjourned at 6:45pm.


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