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Don't miss out. Be brave and click the "hamburger" icon at the top of this screen because it is the launching pad to many of Discover Ferndale's features.

Missing out on Ferndale Events? Jobs? Traffic & Weather reports?

More than half of the interactions readers have with the Discover Ferndale website are done using small-screen devices like smartphones. And, in talking with readers, it has become apparent some small-screen devices readers are missing out on some of the many features available on Discover Ferndale.

Readers viewing the website on larger screens see a menu of these features displayed across the top of the screen. So for you, huzzah and carry on. You already know about these things and are more than likely making use of them.

But some readers on small-screen devices apparently do not realize the “hamburger” icon at the top-left of every Discover Ferndale website page is a “Menu” button. Tapping it opens up a menu of powerful real-time features available on Discover Ferndale including:

So for those of you who are not easily swayed to tap on things you are not familiar with, go ahead. Be brave. This hamburger is calorie-free and the entire Discover Ferndale website has been optimized for small-screen devices so you are not going to break anything.

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Tell us what you think of these “hidden” features in the comments below.

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