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June 17, 2019 | 11:48am
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Monday morning winter weather watch

The first winter weather event in the Ferndale area this season has been forecast for this morning.

11:15am – The northern parts of the Ferndale area, including Custer, has seen up to two inches accumulation of snow. Other parts of the Ferndale area have seen snowfall but little to no accumulation. The clouds have began parting allowing some sunshine through. The Winter Weather Advisory remains set to expire at noon.

There was three reported vehicle crashes between Blaine and Ferndale on I-5 this morning. The roadway became covered in slushy frozen precipitation making driving more difficult.

WSDOT deployed a snow plow and sand truck to the area.

The additional snow is a possibility tonight. More on that in another article.

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dusting-of-snow-near-i-5-in-the-custer-area-2016-12-05-08358:35am – The previously reported snow and rain mix has changed to light snow falling in the Ferndale area. Temperatures have dropped to the low 30s. Snow can be seen sticking around enough to create a dusting on the ground in the north Ferndale area as can be seen from a WSDOT traffic camera in that area.

8:25am – Snow and rain mix is falling in the Ferndale area. Snow has been reported in the Blaine area.

snow-on-i-5-south-of-bellingham-2016-12-05-08008am – Snow is falling and sticking south of Bellingham as seen by the WSDOT traffic camera in the area. A nearby weather station reports temperature in that area to be 32°. Temperatures around the Ferndale area remain in the mid 30s.

6:35am – Nothing out of the ordinary nor any condition changes to report. No one has reported flakes falling yet.

5:45am – Temperature around Ferndale dropped to just below freezing around 11:45pm last night. The temperature began rising about an hour later to the mid 30s, where it is now. There has been 0.02″ of measurable precipitation this morning. The Winter Weather Advisory remains in place until noon today for the Puget Sound area. Per the NWS advisory, the area forecast is for “1 to 2 inches of wet snow… mainly above 500 feet. Less than 1 inch of snow below 500 feet.”

Radar image (frozen precipitation indicated with white) from 6:20am. Click to view looping animation.

5:30am – Temperatures around Ferndale are in the mid to upper 30s. Radar indicates snowfall in the upper elevations in the east Whatcom County foothills but not in the lowlands. No reports of snow fall in the area confirms that.

Ferndale School District officials confirmed that, unless conditions change enough later to warrant reviewing the decision, schools are open and operating on their regular schedules today.

Roads are wet and the potential for frozen road surfaces, including black ice, exists. Drivers should be cautious.


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