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February 21, 2020 | 12:13am
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More apartments downtown, watering violation penalties & more are on the next Council meeting agenda

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The following is on the agenda for a Ferndale City Council regular meeting scheduled for 6pm on Monday, August 6th at Council Chambers located at 5694 2nd Avenue.

  1. Public Comments will be accepted on any topics not on the agenda. Speakers are typically limited to 3 minutes.
  2. Consent Agenda items will be presented and voted on as a single item. Items on Consent Agenda typically do not require discussion since they were already vetted during the prior City Council Committee meeting. The items are:
    • Approval of July 16th Council regular meeting minutes
    • Approval of July 30th Council special meeting minutes
    • Authorization of July 20th City of Ferndale (COF) payroll
    • Approval to install Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant push-button operators on the Ferndale Public Library restroom doors for an amount not to exceed $15,000
    • Approval of appointment of Mike Contezac to the Ferndale Parks, Recreation and Trails Advisory Board (PRTAB)
  3. Proclamation: Community Health Center Week – August 12th – 18th. Mayor Jon Mutchler is expected to present a proclamation regarding how community health centers are an effective means of reducing healthcare disparities and overcoming barriers to healthcare access.
  4. COF Capital Projects Manager Katy Radder will present updates regarding current and near-term projects including Washington Street improvement project, Portal Way compact roundabout and the combined Cherry Street and Pioneer Park sidewalk projects.
  5. Public hearing regarding enacting a multifamily tax exemption ordinance. According to COF Community Development Director Jori Burnett, most every city able to waive property taxes for up to 12 years on qualifying new multifamily developments have done so in order to encourage such developments. COF is proposing adopting the practice in order to encourage multifamily developments in or near the Ferndale downtown and Griffintown areas. Property taxes waived would include those benefiting the Ferndale School District, Whatcom County Fire District 7 and other taxing entities.
  6. Closed record public hearing regarding a resolution regarding a proposed 64 residential unit planned unit development (PUD), including 2 mixed-use commercial buildings, located on 3.94 acres at 6170 Portal Way. The project is known as the East Gate PUD and has been before the Hearing Examiner and received his approval. Considering all information collected to date and not allowing for any additional input from any parties (hence, a “closed record” public hearing), the City Council will render a final decision on whether or not to approve the PUD application.
  7. City Council will discuss taking the final step in implementing mandatory watering restrictions and subsequent penalties. The draft ordinance that will start off the discussion will provide for a warning on a first offense, $100 and $250 penalties on 2nd and 3rd and subsequent occurrences respectively for violations of the mandatory watering schedule. Water service shall be shut off with the 3rd violation.
  8. City Finance Director Sirke Salminen will present a 2018 mid-year COF budget review with an emphasis on revenue actuals versus forecast estimates through June.
  9. Councilmembers will discuss what to do with a recently purchased residence at 2076 Washington Street. The property was purchased to allow for a proposed roundabout at Vista Drive and Washington Street. But until that project becomes a reality, choices need to be made regarding potential uses for the residence. A similar situation arose when the City purchased an adjacent residence and it is now being used by Interfaith Coalition for transitional housing.

Agenda documents for some of the items above are available online and can be accessed by clicking here.

The public is encouraged to attend City Council meetings. They are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 6pm in Council Chambers at the City Hall Annex at 5694 2nd Avenue.

This story was updated at 8:45pm on 8/3/18 to include that the draft ordinance for watering violations included shutting off water service with the 3rd violation. This information was erroneously omitted from the original story.

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