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Morning forecast “challenging” – snow probable

This morning’s National Weather Service (NWS) Seattle office area forecast discussion cut right to the chase. “The forecast for this morning was a little challenging.”

In the days leading up to today, there have been mixed signals over what to expect in western Whatcom County this morning. Warnings of ice, snow and snow/rain mix, have all been made. Now that the time has arrived, forecasts are only a little more similar.

As of 5am, temperatures around the Ferndale area are hovering just above freezing after having fluctuated only one degree overnight. Winds from the northeast continue. This Fraser Valley outflow, winds from the northeast, historically has kept Ferndale area temperatures cooler than nearby areas.

The current NWS forecast says the Ferndale area, and other areas north of Skagit County, can expect snow this morning while areas to the south are more likely to see freezing rain. NWS issued a Winter Weather Advisory this morning on the expectation of 1 to 3 inches of snow in some places including the Ferndale area. The advisory is in effect until noon today. Snow is expected to change to rain by the afternoon as temperatures are expected to climb.

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Environment Canada’s forecast expects light snow to arrive to the Lower Mainland and southern Vancouver Island during the day. And the forecast also expects 4 to 8 inches of snow in some areas beginning this evening and continuing into Saturday morning.

Weather Underground BestForecast’s forecast, which forecast snow a couple days ago, expects snow to begin after 6am and continue until midafternoon when it is expected to change to and remain as rain through Saturday. More snow is forecast for early next week beginning Sunday.

As of 5am, weather radar images indicate light frozen precipitation has already or could soon begin falling in the area.

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