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My Ferndale News readers express their COVID-19 related beliefs and behaviors (survey results)

FERNDALE, Wash. — 355 My Ferndale News (MFN) readers participated in an August 4th online survey by providing information about how much they agree with advice and trust information being provided by government agencies, how their needs and behaviors have been affected and what they expect in the future.

Overall survey results

56% of survey participants said they felt the COVID-19 situation is getting worse while 26% felt it is getting better.

It is getting a lot worse31%
It is getting a little worse25%
It is staying the same18%
It is getting a little better17%
It is getting a lot better9%

Survey respondents are mostly skeptical of COVID-19 data provided by government agencies as indicated by 54% who said they have little to no confidence and 39% who have some confidence.

Total confidence7%
Some confidence39%
Little confidence31%
No confidence23%

Most do not agree with federal government strategies for dealing with the COVID-19 situation with 54% not in agreement and 31% mostly or totally in agreement.

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Totally agree4%
Mostly agree27%
Not sure15%
Mostly not29%
Not at all25%

The responses are nearly split evenly on Washington state government strategies for dealing with the COVID-19 situation with 49% mostly or totally in agreement and 47% not in agreement.

Totally agree10%
Mostly agree39%
Not sure4%
Mostly not24%
Not at all23%

While not strong, overall confidence in Whatcom County COVID-19 strategies was higher than those from federal or state agencies with 49% mostly or totally in agreement and 35% not in agreement.

Totally agree7%
Mostly agree42%
Not sure17%
Mostly not19%
Not at all16%

A large majority of survey participants are in favor of mask wearing with 83% who say they wear a mask all or most of the time and 9% who say they do not wear a mask often or at all.

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All the time55%
Most of the time28%
Now and then9%
Not often6%
Not at all3%

As for limiting contact with people outside of the household, 47% said they have little to no contact with others while 25% say they have regular contact or are simply not isolating themselves.

No contact5%
Little contact42%
Some contact28%
Regular contact20%
Not isolating5%

Most are planning on disruptions to travel, schools, work and events to continue beyond the end of 2020 but not to continue for more years. 65% plan on disruptions to continue beyond the end of the year but only 11% expecting them to continue for more years.

A few more weeks3%
A few more months22%
Beyond the end of the year65%
A few more years11%

The COVID-19 situation has impacted everyone, not just those who have become ill and their families. According to survey responses, 8% have needed assistance with obtaining food and/or paying bills over the past few months. Fortunately, according to the survey results, 53% have helped others in need of assistance.

Readers participating in the MFN survey also provided political affiliation preference and age. Using that information, responses are able to be grouped by age and political preferences to reveal areas of group consensus. Those perspectives of the survey results will be published tomorrow.

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