Nearby: Lummi Nation purchases Loomis Trail Golf Course

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Lummi Nation officials announced yesterday they had purchased the Loomis Trail Golf Course.

No purchase amount was given in yesterday’s announcement.

Loomis Trail Golf Course, located at 4342 Loomis Trail Road, has been an 18-hole golf course open year-round. The course first opened in 1993.

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Columbia Hospitality had been managing the golf course after acquiring it along with Semiahmoo Resort last year (link to story at The Northern Light).

From yesterday’s press release from the Lummi Nation,

“To the descendants of the Semiahmah people, this is not a real estate investment. This acquisition is one step toward reclaiming our original territory.”

“This is much more than a golf course. Loomis Trail land holding is within our St’l’elnep, our ancient ground or village,” said [Lummi Indian Business Council] Chairman [Jeremiah] Julius. “Loomis Trail, Dakota Creek, California Creek and the surrounding areas were very important to our ancestors, and therefore they are very important to the history of our people.”

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“Additionally, we are excited for our Lummi families, especially our youth; to go out and enjoy a day on the golf course and to utilize the well established facility and venue. We look forward to seeing the community come together to support and watch our Lummi Nation School Golf team compete at their new home course!”


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