NEARBY: Report of a stolen plane brings response to Bellingham Airport

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Law enforcement and aid units responded to a report of a potential airplane emergency at Bellingham Airport this evening about 9pm.

According to emergency radio dispatches, there had been a report of a plane stolen from SeaTac Airport by someone not considered to be a proficient pilot. It was expected the pilot would try to land at Bellingham.

First responders and airport tower personnel said they were working with limited information as they prepared for the plane’s arrival.

By 9:20pm, local authorities said the matter had been resolved and the plane was no longer expected to arrive in Bellingham.

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This appeared to be related to a security incident at SeaTac as reported by the FAA that caused a temporary stop to SeaTac ground operations including flights in and out.

Seattle news outlets report a Horizon plane was piloted by an unauthorized person. Fighter planes were seen attempting to escorts the plane which was reported to have crashed in southern Puget Sound.

Readers are advised to find updates on this story from The Bellingham Herald.


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