New masseur is open in downtown Ferndale

joel putman embodywork massage promo shot
EmbodyWork Massage Owner Joel Putman. Photo courtesy Joel Putman

EmbodyWork Massage is open for business at 2003 Main Street, between Ferndale Vision Source and Main Street Bar & Grill near 1st Avenue. Owner Joel Putman will be providing massage services including trigger-point therapy and deep-tissue work.

According to a press release from Putman, he has been a licensed massage therapist since January after graduating from Bellingham’s Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts. Putman has been trained in Swedish massage, Tui Na and other methods.

“I look forward to restoring lost range of motion and maintaining a healthy state of wellness in my clients,” Putman said.

Putman is able to provide services at clients’ locations or in his office. Appointments can be made online.

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