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Absorbent pads used to collect spilled diesel fuel can be seen in the wetlands at the scene of semi truck rollover on Hovander Road (April 3, 2018). Photo courtesy of Dept. of Ecology.

No long-term wetlands damage expected following diesel fuel spill

Department of Ecology Communication Manager Ty Keltner told Discover Ferndale today, the 80-100 gallons of diesel fuel spilled after a semi truck rollover crash had been cleaned up and there did not appear to be any long-term damage to the wetlands.

The clean up process included using absorbent pads and a vac truck to collect the lighter than water diesel fuel from the water surface. “That got the diesel out that they could,” Keltner said.

Keltner elaborated, “At this point, they are looking at ways to fix the road, so they’ll do a little bit of soil excavation and work on the shoulder.”

When asked about the possibility of impact on the Tennant Lake area west of Hovander Road, Keltner said, “There wasn’t any impact to the wetlands west of the road.”

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Whatcom County Public Works announced today Hovander Road would be closed tomorrow, Thursday, April 6th, from 9am to 5pm due to roadwork following the rollover incident.

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