Nooksack River is Flowing Low

Nooksack River at Vanderyacht Park - 6-foot level 2015-02-24
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Nooksack River at BNSF bridge - 6-foot level 2015-02-24
Looking north from the BNSF railroad bridge.
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In sharp contrast to recent articles forewarning of minor flooding concerns just a few weeks ago, the Nooksack River at Ferndale is running exceptionally low. We worry about minor flooding when the river level rises to 19-feet as measured by the meter at the Main Street bridge. In the last couple of days the river level has been a meager 6 to 7 feet.

At this level, a large beach of river sediment appears along the shoreline in Vanderyacht Park (visible in the photo above).

Significant rain is not in the near-term forecast for the lowlands but there is a potential for snow in the mountains, something there has been a significant shortage of this winter.


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Joe Beaulaurier
Beaulaurier is the founder of My Ferndale News. As a Ferndale resident, he hopes to empower the community with free access to news that matters and makes a difference in the day-to-day challenges faced while we work and live in the Ferndale area.