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Assistant Superintendent Scott Brittain and FHS teacher Herb Porter monitoring the information passing through the FSD communication center during a simulated emergency exercise (October 13, 2016). Photo courtesy City of Ferndale

Not to worry about that overturned school bus – it is part of a preparedness exercise

People passing by the Signature Plastics facility at 7837 Custer School Road Monday and Tuesday this week are likely to see a school bus tipped over in the parking lot. Not to worry, Ferndale School District officials assure. It’s is the backdrop for an emergency preparedness exercise.

The exercise planned for Tuesday, May 22nd, will be based on a staged school bus crash resulting in multiple victims. Agencies participating in the exercise will go through the processes of responding with immediate emergency care, transporting the injured to the hospital and reunifying them with family members.

The full-scale emergency preparedness exercise has been planned and will be conducted cooperatively by the Ferndale School District Safety Advisory Committee, Whatcom Country Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management, Whatcom County Fire District 7 and PeaceHealth St Joseph Medical Center. Participants include Washington State Patrol, Ferndale Police Department and North Whatcom Fire and Rescue.

The exercise will provide an opportunity to assess cross-agency communications and responses in order to be better prepared in the event of a real emergency.

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Part of the visual will be a decommissioned bus tipped over as a backdrop to a staged accident scene in the Signature Plastics parking lot in Custer. Crews from Heston Hauling are scheduled to position the bus on its side at the site Monday afternoon.

Staged exercise activity is scheduled to happen at the site Tuesday between 8:30am to 1:30pm. Afterwards, the exercise will be completed at PeaceHealth St Joseph Medical Center.


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  1. Gayland Gump Gayland Gump May 20, 2018

    A good number of those volunteers that will be serving as victims will be members of Whatcom County Community Emergency Response Teams. Please include CERT in your shout outs and thank yous.

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