Officials: Do not drive on north Whatcom County roads until further notice (UPDATED Saturday)

icy roads stock photo

Update 12/30/17 8:30am
The “all clear” has not yet been given. According to an official with the Whatcom Sheriff’s Office, “It will be a while before the roads are clear [of debris] and it is helpful to the power crews and responders to keep the roads clear of traffic.”

Original Story
Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management issued an alert to drivers at 6pm this evening (Friday) to avoid roads north of Main Street (Ferndale), Mountain View Road and West & East Axton Road in the County until further notice. This is due to downed poles, trees, branches and power lines as a result of today’s ice storm.

Deputy Director John Gargett reports ice in trees and on road surfaces is over a half-inch thick in places. This has resulted in power outages and several crashes including those involving utility poles ending up with power lines over and around the vehicles.

Gargett says drivers have been reported to be driving over live power lines. This puts the car’s occupants in danger since the downed wire can become entangled in the car’s axle or wheels and it also endangers first responders in the area.

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