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Opinion: Does not support replacement School Levy

Regarding the school levy;

Wasn’t this supposed to be taken care of by the state? We gave up local control to the state so they could spread the monies out evenly and everyone would have their fair share and there would be no need for levies. Or so we were led to believe.

The state of Washington and the FSD spends roughly $14,000 PER student each year. Nearly 70% of my property taxes goes to schools and they want more. When will it be enough? The school board shot for the moon and asked for nearly double the percentage they said they would last time around. And when the got a resounding NO they are back saying, “Ok, ok, we will take less but oh how the children will suffer.”

This levy is only 13% of the operating budget. In the last year many people and businesses have seen at least a 13% decrease in their wages, salaries, hours, and income. Since the schools aren’t even operating anywhere near capacity a 13% decrease should go virtually unnoticed. There is still 87% of the operating budget out there. No need for soap, toilet paper, heat, school buses, playground monitors, etc.

Marilyn Rasmussen

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