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Opinion: Does not support School Levy

Vote YES for the Ferndale School levy? Seemingly oblivious to the realities of life facing us all, the Ferndale School Board and administration feel the need to squeeze us even tighter as we flounder in this economic quagmire we have been pushed into.

Many families are facing real crisis, but the people who spend our money in wholesale quantities are determined to rise above the petty concerns of the selfish, small-minded, uneducated masses. Facts are stubborn things, and the facts are these – businesses have been destroyed, jobs lost, people designated as “non-essential” to society, all on the whims of a governor who delights in playing “Simon Says”. Alcoa gone, good jobs gone, but we’ll all feel the pain when this industries’ property tax assessment falls through the bottom of the barrel.

Meanwhile, our annual property values continue to be jacked up into the stratosphere. The economic report for the second quarter of this year states that the U.S.G.D.P. was down almost 33%, the largest quarterly drop since the Great Depression. The situation is so bad for folks who live in the real world that evictions and foreclosures will threaten as many as 30 million people nationwide.

Regardless, we must fund our schools, and our top-heavy administration, in the manner to which they have become accustomed. After all, “It’s for the children.”

In light of what we have witnessed across the country, one must ask what kind of an education are we paying for? But of course, we are all different up here in Lake Woebegone County, where all the children are above average. Yet when even the statue of Frederick Douglass is torn down, and the monument to the 54th Massachusetts Regiment is defaced, and considering the support shown locally for the protesters who committed these criminal acts, a sane electorate would demand to know just what good are our tax dollars doing? Are we really preparing our children for the future? If so, what kind of a future?

Mark Aamot

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