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Scene of residential fire on Lena Road (July 5, 2018). Source: Bellingham Fire Department via twitter

Out buildings, RVs and a chicken coop were damaged by fire yesterday

Whatcom County Fire District 7 crews who came upon and dealt with yesterday’s grass fire near a fireworks stand were on their way to assist Bellingham Fire Department crews in battling a residential structure on Lena Road, near Gooseberry Point.

According to information reported by The Bellingham Herald, the Lena Road fire ended up destroying an outbuilding and three RVs on the property and the cause was under investigation.

Blackberry bushes on the property and a couple of other outbuildings and a chicken coop were also damaged by fire. Fortunately, there was only one chicken in the coop at the time of the fire and firefighters were unsure of the fate of that chicken.

No other injuries were reported.

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