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June 15, 2019 | 5:58pm
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UPDATED: Over 3000 PSE customers in Ferndale, Custer and Birch Bay lost power today

Puget Sound Energy reported a power outage that began about 3:30pm 2:20pmtoday has impacted 3,477 of their customers in a large area including west Ferndale.

As of 4pm, No cause had been cited and it was estimated that power would be restored by 5:30pm.

The outage stretched from Vista Drive north from Aldergrove Road to Custer and west to Birch Bay and south to Mountainview Road and N Star Road.

A battery-operated radio works much better than the big screen TV while the power is out during the Super Bowl broadcast (February 3, 2019). Photo courtesy Renetta Pollock

UPDATE 5:15pm
Most of PSE’s Ferndale area customers have seen their power restored according to PSE officials. 1,006 in the Birch Bay area remain without power. No cause has been given and the estimate for restoring power is 6:30pm.

Outage map as of 5:15pm. Source: Puget Sound Energy
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UPDATE 4:30pm
The number impacted by the outage has been reduced to 2,209 and it appears some in the Birch Bay area have had their power restored. The estimate for restoring power for the remaining is still 5:30pm. No cause has been given for the outage.

Outage map as of 4:30pm. Source: Puget Sound Energy
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