Paul Bulanov – Ferndale City Council Pos. 2


Paul Bulanov. Photo courtesy of Paul Bulanov.
Paul Bulanov. Photo courtesy of Paul Bulanov.

Candidate’s submitted biography (unedited):

Ferndale has given much to my family and now I have the opportunity and abilities to give back to Ferndale. My family emigrated from Russia in 1996 and quickly settled in Ferndale. After graduating from Ferndale High School, I worked elsewhere briefly before returning here, getting married and being blessed with two children. My blend of leadership, creativity, budgeting experience and team-building skills will help find solutions to challenging issues.

I want to incentivize sustainable growth and remove barriers that increase housing costs, making it more likely our children can buy or rent a home here. I’d look for ways to remove three city rules whenever we need a new one. We are regulating ourselves out of growth and vitality.

Growth and the Nooksack River lead to traffic problems, but their effect on our safety, businesses and quality of life make them a top city priority. We can be simultaneously realistic and creative, using technology to facilitate efficient and safe flow of traffic.

Our City Council must consider future generations when making decisions. I humbly request your vote so I may help Ferndale be as good to them as it has been to my family.

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