Paul Shuey – Ferndale City Council Pos. 4


Paul Schuey
Paul Schuey. Photo courtesy of Paul Schuey.

Candidate’s submitted biography (unedited):

My name is Paul Shuey, I am from State College, PA. I arrived in Whatcom County in the late 90’s with $200 in my pocket. From that moment I worked various jobs and through hard work a determination. I made my way forward.

I  have a Wife and Four children.  We move to Ferndale in 2010. After being hired on to Alcoa Intalco works in 2006. I enjoy the outdoors with prospecting, fishing and just exploring new places.

I believe in proper growth in our community while keeping Ferndale’s heritage alive. We need it be present in our city and fulfill the promises made. Also will strive to work towards lower property taxes and find a better water management system. My goal is to help  our community to have a stronger say in our city.

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