Pedestrian struck by garbage truck

PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center emergency entrance (November 2016). Photo: My Ferndale News

Washington State Patrol (WSP) report a pedestrian was taken by ambulance this morning after being struck by a garbage truck.

According to a WSP press memo, the blue 2009 garbage truck was backing up so the driver could retrieve a missed garbage can while working in the 3100 block of Sunset Way on the Lummi Peninsula a little before 9am today. While the truck was backing up, it struck 70-year-old Lyle VanderYacht while he was in the roadway.

VanderYacht was treated at the scene and transported by Whatcom County Fire District 8 aid crews to PeaceHealth St Joseph Medical Center.

WSP reports the truck’s backup alarm was generating audible back-up tones. Neither drugs nor alcohol were thought to be involved.

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Inattention on the part of the pedestrian and while backing up on the part of the driver were given as causes. There were no charges.



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