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Permanent bathrooms structure installed at star park (December 14, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Permanent bathrooms delivered to Star Park today

Since Star Park was built, an ongoing complaint has been the lack of nearby bathroom facilities. In the meantime, the City received a donation from Sanitary Service Company for portable restrooms.

This morning, a permanent prefabricated structure arrived via flatbed truck to the Star Park parking lot, was offloaded by crane and set upon a pad ready with water, sewer and electrical connections.

The prefabricated structure, located on the west side of the parking lot, meets all the State code and public access requirements including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)compliance.

On the outside are two drinking fountains which, according to City staff are expected to get heavy use.

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A similar structure is still planned where the park field house used to be on the 2nd Avenue side of the playing fields according to City staff.

Public access to the bathroom facilities will not be available for a few days as some final weather-dependent preparations still need to be made. A toilet-paper cutting ceremony is expected to be held late next week.

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