Permit issued for a new commercial building in downtown Ferndale

works begins on new commercial building at 3rd and alder st 2018-07-09
Equipment and materials are staged on a lot at 3rd Avenue and Alder Street where a new commercial building is planned to be built (July 9, 2018). Photo: My Ferndale News

City of Ferndale issued a building permit Friday for a new commercial building at 2057 Alder Street. A two-story wood-framed commercial building is planned to be built on the lot located on the southwest corner of 3rd Avenue and Alder Street.

Traffic impacts are expected adjacent to the lot according to City of Ferndale staff as Alder Street will be closed to through traffic in the area during daytime hours for an undetermined number of days beginning today. “This road closure is to complete street improvements associated with a private development project,” City staff said in an emailed notice.

According to documents submitted to the City, the lower floor of the new building will house RX Mart Pharmacy, a retail store with a drive-through window. The upper floor is expected to be used for office spaces ranging in size from 200 to 700 square-feet.

RX Mart Pharmacy has an existing location in Bellingham at 300 E Sunset Drive.

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