Phillips 66 grant enables B&G Clubs Ferndale Clubhouse to launch STEM program

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom County (BGCWC) announced this week they have received a $265,000 grant from Phillips 66 to be used toward an organization-wide program to provide science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) equipment and educational programs.

As a result of the grant, each one of BGCWC’s clubhouses, including the Ferndale Clubhouse, will be able to “provide everything from new computers to electronic microscopes, robotics programs to 3-D printers – along with hands-on, experiential, and fun STEM curricula,” according to a BGCWC press release.

STEM careers are growing at twice the rate of other occupations but mathematics and science scores on average among US students are lagging behind other developing countries according to the press release.

The grant will also enable BGCWC to hire a STEM educator/coordinator responsible for developing materials and activities for each clubhouse and providing staff training.

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The Boys & Girls Club of Whatcom County offers programs for academic success, healthy lifestyles and good character and citizenship for youth in first grade through high school at the clubhouses located in Ferndale, Lynden, Blaine and Bellingham.

Phillips 66 operates a refinery located at Unick and Lake Terrell Roads in Ferndale with a workforce of over 400 that process crude oil into gasoline and diesel products.


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