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Places in Ferndale to Watch the 2015 Sea to Ski Race

2015 ski to seaThere are many great vantage points in Ferndale to view two exciting legs of the 2015 Sea to Ski Race as competitors pass through Ferndale, Sunday, May 24th. 

The race begins up at Mount Baker at 7:30am. Expect to see the first competitors reach Ferndale by canoe after 11am. Competitors will continue arriving for a few hours after then.

Leg #4 involves canoeing the Nooksack River in two-person canoes from Riverside Park in Everson to the landing beach at Hovander Homestead Park in Ferndale, a distance of about 18 and a half miles.

Leg #5 involves cross country biking from Hovander Homestead Park to Squalicum Harbor on Bellingham Bay, a distance of about 14 miles.

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Best places to watch:
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To watch the canoeists come down the river: VanderYacht Park (west side of the river) and the park area at the Carnation Oxford Building (east side of the river). Just south of the Main Street Bridge is the Centennial Riverwalk Park which also provides a great view up and downstream as the canoeists pass.

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To watch the canoeists come to shore and hand-off to the cyclists
The river shore at Hovander Homestead Park can be the best vantage point, assuming the river level isn’t too high. After an exhausting run down the river, coming ashore in a two-man canoe is not the easiest thing to do and the resulting spills and collisions are the source of a few giggles and laughs from the bystanders and the competitors.

The cyclists will take the hand-off and head back up-river to the north to Main Street and then follow a path behind businesses on the south side of Main Street until they reach LaBounty Drive. Then they will head south behind the businesses on LaBounty Drive and from there they continue on into Bellingham. This is a new course with many locations from which to watch the cyclists as they navigate through parking lots and vacant lots in Ferndale.

Click here to view the complete official Ski-to-Sea race map on the Ski-to-Sea website.

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