Planning to reopen your Ferndale area business soon? Let’s make sure the community knows it.

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Hi. I am Joe Beaulaurier and I publish My Ferndale News. I realize these are unprecedented times. For many businesses these have been brutal times complete with having to layoff staff if not completely having to close up shop due to the governor’s emergency orders to minimize the spread of COVID-19 disease. But now we are hearing talk of most businesses being able to reopen in the near future.

As such, I am offering you and your business free advertising for a month (31 days) starting any date before July 1st. This is a double-win for me since it gives a boost to the Ferndale area business community while keeping the Ferndale community at-large informed. These have been my 2 primary goals in publishing My Ferndale News.

In the event you are unaware, click here to read the pitch about why you would want to pay to advertise on My Ferndale News (I’ll open that in a new tab so you can easily come back to this page to take advantage of this offer).

If you think you may want to continue advertising beyond this offer period, we can discuss that later when things become more manageable. There are no contracts, everything is month-to-month, everyone pays the same rates. So there’s no harm in taking advantage of this offer first.

I recommend to start running your ads a week or more before your business reopens in order to give your customers and prospects time to begin planning to make use of your products and services.

I am happy to run “opening soon” ads that will then change to “now open” versions anytime within the 31 days if you would like. No extra charge. Still free.

I realize reopening is going to be a very busy time for you and another something on your to-do list and having to deal with me to set this up are the last things you need. So I’ve made it incredibly simple.

Provide your contact info below and upload any graphics and text I am to use to build your ads (yep, ads plural – you get 2 ads – a banner and a square) and I will prepare mock-ups for you to review or request changes to (nothing goes live without your approval).

If you have a graphics person to build your ads, tell them you need 730×100 and 300×250 ads (WxH) and to email the ad graphics to

If you do not have graphics and are not sure what the message should be, just provide whatever direction you can in the comment field.

Upload premade ads or elements to be used to build your ads (Premade ad dimensions – Rectangle: 300×250, Banner: 730×100. You get one of both with any ad order)

Submitting this information will not commit you or your organization to advertising. You will be contacted to confirm your request and to get final approvals before your ads are pushed live and an invoice is emailed.

Questions? Leave them in the comments/instruction box or email me at