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Sergeant Travis Card poses with his two patrol vehicles including a bicycle (Date unknown). Photo courtesy Ferndale Police Department

Police bicycle patrols roll out with the warmer weather

Ferndale Police bicycle patrols have returned to the streets of Ferndale now that the weather has improved.

According to Sergeant Travis Card, the bicycle patrols had already been around when he joined the Ferndale Police Department (FPD). “Utilizing bicycles, we are able to work to reduce crime by patrolling neighborhoods in a manner that is harder for criminals to detect and cover areas not usually accessible to vehicles,” Card said in an email.

Card said bicycle patrols occur throughout Ferndale including downtown and residential areas.

Card pointed out, “We have found that those within our community are far more likely to initiate a conversation with our officers [on bicycles], which helps promote a positive relationship with those that we serve.”

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Ryan Kimball, a neighbor in the Oxford Court neighborhood, took to social media to praise the FPD’s bicycle presence after seeing Card ride through the neighborhood. “Several kids who were out playing saw him and even one said ‘Did you see me riding with the police?'” Kimball continued, “The patrol is appreciated…the positive presence…even more so!”

The bicycles used are stock hybrid bicycles (a combination of road and mountain bike) with no additional equipment including lights or siren. Card said they don’t have bike outfits including, as he referred to them, the dreaded bike shorts. Officers on bicycle patrol wear their same standard issue uniform they would be wearing any other time.

Side benefits include reducing fuel expense and putting less miles on patrol vehicles.

Sergeant Kevin Davis said, “The response from the community has been very positive and people can expect to see additional patrols throughout the next several months.”

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  1. Bruce Jorgensen Bruce Jorgensen May 17, 2017

    Please warn the bike officers to avoid Somerset St. or they may loose their bikes in the huge chuckholes.

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