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Law enforcement gather in the Heston Hauling lot on Portal Way after pursuing a subject on foot (June 18, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

UPDATED: Law enforcement converge on 6300 block of Portal Way

Several Ferndale Police officers and Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) deputies converged on and set up a perimeter around a section of Portal Way this evening about 6:45pm but it was not immediately obvious why.

According to law enforcement radio communications, at least one subject had been pursued on foot west from Portal Way in the 6300 block near The Cedars RV Resort. One subject was reported to have been eventually detained.

Ferndale Police Sergeant Travis Card said deputies with the WCSO were in pursuit of a vehicle reported to have been stolen about 4:30pm from the Ferndale Public Library parking lot. The driver stopped and fled the vehicle on Portal Way. Ferndale Police assisted the WCSO in setting up a containment perimeter while a search for the suspect was conducted.

Davis said the WCSO took a subject into custody.

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Traffic was not blocked during the police activity but Heston Hauling employees were temporarily evacuated from their offices.

It may be until tomorrow morning before this story can be updated with information from the WCSO. Click here to read the updated story.

Story was updated at 6/18/2017 10:20pm with information provided by the Ferndale Police Department.

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