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Prepaying 2018 Whatcom County property taxes is not an option

Whatcom County Treasurer’s Office says they have had a lot of inquiries from people asking about prepaying their 2018 property taxes before the end of 2017 due to recent changes in Federal income tax law.

As a result, they have posted the following on the Whatcom County website.

Per RCW 54.56.020, “No treasurer may accept tax payments or issue receipts for the same until the treasurer has completed the tax roll for the current year’s collection and provided notification of the completion of the roll.”

The tax roll for 2018 has not yet been completed and will not be completed until late in January or early February. So, because of the statute listed, we are unable to accept any prepayments for 2018 property taxes.

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Recent changes in Federal tax law approved by Congress and signed by President Donald Trump means homeowners who prepay local property taxes due in 2018 will be able to claim the deduction on their 2017 taxes. But this can only occur if the 2018 property taxes have already been assessed and billed. Guessing what next year’s assessment may be, paying it before the end of this year and claiming a deduction for that amount is not allowed according to the IRS.

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