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Propane tank was on fire in the middle of W Axton Road (February 7, 2018). Video: Discover Ferndale

Burning propane tank closed W Axton Road this afternoon

Whatcom County Fire District 7 (WCFD7) crews were dispatched about 2:10pm today for a report of a propane tank on fire on W Axton Road.

When WCFD7 Division Chief Ben Boyko arrived he found the portable propane tank was, in fact, in the eastbound lane of W Axton Road about 500 feet east of the Northwest Drive intersection.

Boyko said a neighbor reported hearing a loud whooshing noise and looked outside to discover the propane tank on fire in the road. A neighbor who lives north of the Greenacres Memorial Park said it sounded like someone was using a blow torch on his block.

Fire crews kept a steady stream of water on the tank until it eventually burned out. Boyko said his biggest concern was the explosive potential the tank represented.

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Marks on the tank indicated it likely fell off a vehicle which broke the valve allowing the gas to escape and sparks from the tank or valve as it bounced on the road likely ignited the gas according to Boyko.

The road was reopened to traffic within 30 minutes after the tank was removed.

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  1. jeff kelton jeff kelton February 7, 2018

    hope they catch the dumb a$$ that didn’t secure his tank and could have caused a much bigger problem.

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