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Leader Block Wine Co. exterior building sign (August 17, 2018). Photo: My Ferndale News

Remodel looks to fulfill promise of a special venue for special events

Leader Block Building Owner Robert Pinkley, has been working toward this point for several years. Opening a wine and coffee bar in the building was just a step along his many year journey toward opening a full-service restaurant in the space, Pinkley said during an interview for this story. With completion of the latest remodel, the full-service restaurant will become a reality.

Working with Pinkley to organize and develop the soon-to-open Leader Block Wine Co. restaurant, located at 2026 Main Street, is Amberleigh Brownson. Brownson said she has opened several restaurants over her 20-year career, doing so each time as manager, owner or consultant.

“People will go ‘Wow!’ when they see what has been done to this space,” Brownson said. Much has been done to expand the customer areas as well as a new restaurant kitchen. In addition, outside dining areas have been created under the awnings.

Brownson also said they are extremely proud of the team they have assembled to prepare and serve the restaurant’s offerings. “We have brought together the best of the best from around Whatcom County and beyond.”

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The menu will feature classic Italian fare. Beverages will include beer, wine and cocktails featuring private label wines and classic Italian cocktails.

Pinkley and Brownson say the doors will be open this evening and Saturday during the Ferndale Street Festival so people can walk through and see what they have accomplished. There may be some samples to try but what exactly was still being ironed out as of a week prior.

The restaurant will open the week after the Street Festival and will have a grand opening on September 1st.


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