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June 17, 2019 | 12:15pm
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UPDATED: Report of another threat against a Ferndale school puts community on edge

Social media, text messages and other electronic communication channels lit up overnight after someone began sharing a scenario of overhearing a conversation that contained threats to “shoot up” an unidentified school. This followed yesterday’s announcement of an arrest after an earlier threat had reportedly been made against students at Ferndale High School (FHS).

2nd threat chain graphic via fb 2018-10-24
Graphic circulated on social media and other electronic communication channels containing a rumor of a threat (October 23, 2018). Source: Facebook

This morning, Wednesday, October 24th, City of Ferndale Communications Officer Riley Sweeney said, “We have an unverified report of two school-age youths that were overheard making threats. We have not confirmed this as a credible threat. We are working with the School District to investigate and putting an increased officer presence at school facilities today. We are looking into this and will report back as more details come to light.”

Ferndale School District officials sent the following to FHS families

A threat came to FHS administration and Ferndale Police. As with all threats made to the school they are taken seriously. We are working with Ferndale police to provide for the safety and security of students and staff. We believe the campus is safe. However, if you wish to keep your students home today it will be an excused absence for this event and you do not need to call the school.

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Sweeney concluded, “I know that it can be scary in this day and age, but we urge everyone to take unverified reports or texts with a grain of salt.”

UPDATE 9:30am
Ferndale School District official released the following information:

Working with the Police, we have learned that the origin of the alleged threat was an overheard conversation in a local store. With the help of the store manager, the Ferndale Police identified the two students who were having the conversation. They were subsequently questioned by the Police. The two students independently verified that they had been in the store talking about the threat that surfaced at FHS on Monday of this week. Their conversation was not about a new threat.

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