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September 19, 2019 | 9:35pm
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Restaurant prepares to open on Main Street

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It has only been a few months since restaurateur Matt Trott closed
Bucks Good Burger & BBQ, located at 2054 Main Street. At the time he said in an email his reasons were, “Burnt out. Just time to turn the page.”

Trott’s energies have apparently returned as he is preparing to reopen the Main Street location within a couple weeks under a new name with a menu that reflects, he says, “What I do best.”

“Eagle’s Roost” is the name of the new cook-to-order hamburger and fish and chips restaurant Trott said today. “A lot of people were telling me they missed the burgers and fish and chips we served at Good Burger,” Trott said.

Trott says Eagle’s Roost hamburgers will feature Country Natural Beef, the grilled chicken burgers will feature Coleman Natural chicken breasts and the fish and chips will feature Alaskan Leader Seafood wild Alaskan cod. The menu will also include grilled hot dogs, salads, fries, onion rings, shakes and fountain and bottled drinks.

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Trott says plans are to be open by Monday, February 11th but noted there is a lot that could happen between then and now that may push the opening date out farther.

Mural of a railroad truss bridge inside Eagle's Roost restaurant
Mural of a railroad truss bridge inside Eagle’s Roost restaurant (February 1, 2019). Photo: My Ferndale News

The interior has been repainted and a mural of a railroad bridge like the one across the Nooksack River by Pioneer Bridge now stretches across a long interior wall. Trott said customers will be able to “tag” the bridge with chalk if they want. On a shorter wall is a mural of Mount Baker, “just as it appears when viewed from Ferndale,” Trott explained.

Trott said that for several years in the 1960s there was a cafe on 3rd Avenue in Ferndale called Eagles Roost. They also served fish and chips, burgers, fries and shakes.

Trott says he expects their hours will be 11am to 8pm but they will stay open later on Ferndale High School home game evenings.

Trott moved his Good Burger restaurant from the Guide Meridian to 2nd Avenue in Ferndale in 2012. A few months after the owners of a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit location closed their doors in October of 2016, Trott started Bucks BBQ in their former Main Street location. 6 months later, in June of 2017, Good Burger was merged with Bucks BBQ in the Main Street location.

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  1. Great news! Buck’s burgers were excellent.

    The bridge painting is a real improvement compared to the large-nostril’d dog that use to stare menacingly down at the patrons from the West wall.

  2. Good Burger on 2nd Ave. had the best fries and burgers. Went there weekly. Then when it merged on Main St. the fries, burgers and prices were not the same. Go back to how the burgers and fries were made on 2nd Ave. or we won’t come. Recipes definately were not the same

  3. Eagles Roost/Good Burger…what ever the name, it would be so nice to have the ole Good Burger fare back! Delicious burgers, fish and chips, HOT fries (natural cut) prepared right as your burger is done, great staff!

    Best of luck to Matt as he returns to “What he does best!”

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