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A bear was seen rambling down Lummi View Drive May 17, 2017). Photo courtesy of Ellie Kinley

Roaming bear appears to have moved on to Orcas Island

The bear seen roaming around the Lummi Peninsula area is reported to have moved outside the area.

Sightings on Lummi Island last week indicated the bear had left the peninsula, heading south. A recent article in The Islands’ Sounder speculated a bear seen on Orcas Island is the same one that recently evaded traps on the Lummi Peninsula and Lummi Island.

The Islands’ Sounder reported the bear was first spotted on Orcas Island Saturday, March 27th and noted black bears have been known to “swim incredible distances.”

Unlike the bear that meandered around the Ferndale area last year, this bear has not been associated with any property damage or killing of pets or livestock.

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