Ryan O’Larey – Ferndale City Council Pos. 5


Ryan O'Larey. Photo courtesy of Ryan O'Larey.
Ryan O’Larey. Photo courtesy of Ryan O’Larey.

Candidate’s submitted biography (unedited):

Elected Experience: First-time candidate.

Other Professional Experience: 13-year career at BP, including the Cherry Point refinery. My career has primarily focused on Environmental Engineering, Wastewater Treatment Process Engineering, and leading a Wastewater Operations team. I have significant experience with the technology selected for Ferndale’s wastewater treatment plant upgrade.

Education: BS Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering – University of Notre Dame, 2006 Winner – 2006 Metcalf & Eddy Wastewater Treatment Design national collegiate competition

Community Service: Fundraising leader and volunteer for Ferndale Cub Scouts, Volunteer for the God Water charity, Presidential campaign volunteer and trainer, Volunteer for the BP employees’ ReachOut charity, Volunteer at Eagleridge Elementary.

City Council actions have major impacts on our community. Yet participating in our government isn’t always easy. I commit to more than just being accessible; I will actively seek out your input because I firmly believe your voice adds value.

My wife, two sons, and I all love living in Ferndale. Recently my wife’s parents moved here, so we now have three generations of firmly planted Ferndale roots. I would be thrilled to represent you on the City Council and devote myself to making Ferndale even better.

I believe Ferndale can be a city that encourages growth and maintains our small-town feel; supports good paying industry jobs and values the environment; revitalizes infrastructure and preserves history; respects individuals and strives for the common good. To achieve this, I am committed to the post-partisanship ideals of using data and facts instead of emotions, finding allies instead of enemies, and advancing good ideas regardless of their origin.

I have experience responsibly managing budgets on par with Ferndale’s, finding unique and cost-effective solutions to complex problems, and cutting waste. My skill set and your voice are needed on the Council.

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