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Sledders gathered behind Skyline Elementary School on one of 11 snow days incurred during the 2016-17 school year (December 12, 2016). Photo: My Ferndale News

School District announces when last two snow days will be made up

The Ferndale School District was able to petition the State for waivers, use previously scheduled early dismissal days and schedule 5 days of the week after the regularly scheduled last day of school in order to address all but 2 of 11 snow day make up days. They were left with three options for making up those 2 days; 1) shorten spring break, 2) hold Saturday classes or 3) extend the end of school into the last week of June.

The district announced today extending the school year into the last week of June was the option chosen. The decision was made after surveying parents and staff. According to the district’s announcement, “Teachers were divided fairly evenly among the three options. While almost half of parents tended to favor spring break.” But, the announcement said, “we need to put more weight on input from our staff because we simply cannot run school without them. Since more than a third of staff indicated they have already committed to vacation plans during spring break, we decided we would add two more days to the end of the school year.” Those days are Monday, June 26th and Tuesday, June 27th.

The end of the school year for Ferndale High School and Windward High School Seniors typically falls just before their commencement ceremony. This would be before the 7 make up days now at the end of the school calendar. So the question of how seniors will fulfill their required class hours toward graduation remains unanswered. The district confirmed the dates for both high school commencements would remain the same but they were “working on a plan for seniors to make up lost instructional days.”


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