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Updated: Second power outage of the day impacts Ferndale neighbors

Update 10:55pm
PSE reported power has been restored.

Update 8:10pm
The estimate for restoring power has been extended by PSE to 11:30pm tonight.

Update 4:45pm
PSE updated their power restoration estimate for the remaining 26 neighbors without power to 8:30pm. Not counting the first outage this morning, this group has been without power since around 8am.

Update 10:40am
PSE updated their power restoration estimate for the remaining 26 neighbors without power to 4:30pm. Equipment failure was given as the cause of the outage.

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Update 10:30am
PSE reported power was restored to all but 26 of those neighbors impacted by this second outage. The cause of the outage was not reported.

Original story
Some Ferndale neighbors suffered a second power outage today according to neighbor reports and as confirmed by Puget Sound Energy (PSE).

PSE reported that shortly after 8am a neighborhood northwest of Vista Drive and Thornton Street lost power. Over 40 50 PSE customers were impacted and, as of 8:10am 9:20am, the estimate for restoring power to them is 10:30am.

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This neighborhood was impacted, along with over 5000 other PSE customers by a widespread outage earlier in the day.

Ironically, the previous 48 hours saw the area hit by powerful winds with gusts occasionally exceeding 60mph but there were no significant reports of power outages in the Ferndale area during that time. Today’s outages have occurred while gusts were topping somewhere in the 30mph to 40mph range as reported by a weather station near Ferndale High School.

outage map 2017-11-15 0820
Map of area impacted by power outage in an area near Skyline Elementary School (November 15, 2017). Source: Puget Sound Energy

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