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Seeing a white bell in a red circle at the bottom-right of your screen?

Visitors to My Ferndale News (MFN) may see a white bell in a red circle icon appear at the bottom-right of their screen if viewing using certain smartphones, browsers and devices. If you see it now, it means you can receive real-time notifications on your device whenever a story is posted on MFN.

The ability to receive notifications on your device was first made available in April of 2017. Clicking on the icon will display a question along the lines of, “Do you want to receive notifications?” Answering “Yes” is all that needs to be done to opt-in on your device.

For smartphone users, this means getting real-time notifications whenever certain stories are posted to For some desktop and tablet users, this may mean real-time notifications or getting notifications after opening your Internet browser.

Realizing the volume of stories has increased and people are not wanting to be notified about every little thing, recently a change has been made to not include some less urgent or widely relevant stories in the notifications. Also, notifications between 9pm and 7am go through even more stringent consideration.

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Those who opted-in before the website change from to will need to go through the opt-in process again. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Notification FAQs

  • I follow My Ferndale News on Facebook and get notifications there. Why would I want to enable these notifications too?
    Unfortunately, Facebook is very selective about which My Ferndale News fans it will notify (as few as 30% sometimes) when there are new posts and even then there can be a significant delay.
  • Can I get notified about only certain news stories (eg business stories)?
    That’s a great idea which will hopefully be implemented in the near future. But, for now, it is not an option.
  • Why doesn’t My Ferndale News have an app that will do this?
    The short answer is apps are expensive, time-consuming to support and often suck up valuable memory on your phone or tablet. These costs occur even though the only real benefit with an app, beyond what is already available via your browser, is the notification ability. So this is a painless way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of an app without the added costs.

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