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Marijuana grown operation discovered during a search warrant service on Imhof Road property (August 29, 2017). Photo courtesy of Whatcom County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff’s Office details findings at ‘large’ marijuana grow operation.

Tuesday, August 29th, a large contingent of law enforcement vehicles and personnel were seen converging on what was later said to be a large illegal marijuana manufacturing operation at 5249 Imhof Road.

Today, the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office issued a news release detailing what was found on the property.

According the WCSO release, deputies discovered and seized approximately 200 mature marijuana plants, 22.5 pounds of processed marijuana, approximately 33 pounds of marijuana leaves/stems and 5.11 pounds of butane hash oil.

They also discovered a commercial grade butane hash oil (BHO) extraction lab on the premises. BHO extraction labs can be extremely hazardous due to use the flammable gases and the resulting risk of explosion according to WCSO.

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Also seized were 3 commercial grade ovens, 20 vials of what is suspected to be anabolic steroids and an Acura MDX sport utility vehicle.

It was about noon on August 29th, according to the release, when the Whatcom Gang and Drug Task Force and WCSO deputies served a search warrant at the property. It was then the illegal marijuana grow operation and butane hash oil extraction lab were located.

Prior to obtaining the search warrant, deputies confirmed with the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board there was no licensed or registered marijuana production at that address.

WCSO officials say no arrests have been made, investigation is ongoing and arrests are expected.

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In addition to the Whatcom Gang and Drug Task Force and WCSO, the Whatcom County Fire Marshal’s Office, Whatcom County Health Department, Ferndale Police Department and Washington State Patrol have assisted with the investigation.

Anyone with information related to this case is asked to call the WCSO at 360-778-6663.


  1. Pat Duke Pat Duke August 31, 2017

    Oh NO‼️‼️‼️NOT HASH OIL‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️?????
    Why ARE YOU PEOPLE NOT BUSTING meth labs and dealer’s , user’s heroin dealer’s and user’s?!?! ????????

    Comment edited to remove foul language

  2. jim peterson jim peterson August 31, 2017

    om g they make it sound like the butane extraction was done wrong this is a professional style set up. I swear reefer madness has got to stop. What a waste of tax payers money when are they going to spend as much energy shutting down meth labs as they do a pot grow? BTW NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON HAS EVER DIED FROM SMOKING CANNABIS. Maybe if the stupid state would not have killed medical then these people would still be do the same thing legally but no now only the 502 people can do this legally . Stupid as hell in my opinion

  3. Ronnie Ronnie August 31, 2017

    They don’t crack down on meth and heroin because the state is making money on the pot. The more illegal places they shut down the more money the state will make. If the state could make money on meth then they would do something about the labs.

  4. Wally Wally September 1, 2017

    Did we seriously need “, a large contingent of law enforcement vehicles and personnel” to bust a marijuana manufacturing operation? This isn’t a cocaine operation in Columbia. Where are the names of the owners of this illegal business, and the owners of the building?

    • Al Al September 1, 2017

      Agreed. I have a feeling like everyone else who the family is

  5. Al Al September 1, 2017

    Does anyone understand what Illegal means? Stop trying to justify marijuana

  6. anon anon September 3, 2017

    Another waste of tax payer money. It’s 2017 and were still treating this like alcohol prohibition of the 1920’s. We need to learn from our past and accept that this plant is here to stay. I’d rather see our law enforcement utilized in a more productive way than destroying the lives of people who enjoy a plant that makes them happy.

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